Every organization at a trade show or an event needs to be responsible for their own actions and products. The best business practice to achieve this goal is to require insurance from exhibitors. SI makes exhibitor insurance easier for exhibitors and Show Management while reducing costs, providing better protection and making the process simple. Here is a quick comparison of the SI process to your current process.

Better Protection for Show Management

SI provides better protection to Show Management because 100% of the exhibitors comply with the insurance requirement in your exhibitor contract. The venue makes Show Management responsible for everything that happens at the venue including any gaps in your exhibitors’ coverage. Does your organization want to be responsible for these gaps after an accident occurs?

  Show Insurance Your Vendor
Do 100% of your exhibitors
comply with insurance requirement?
Yes No Show Insurance provides 100% coverage for all exhibitors
Is coverage provided for all move in and move out days? Yes No Many providers do not cover all move days.
Is product liability covered? Yes No This coverage is often not included
Are your certificates reviewed by an insurance professional? Yes No Your certificates are not currently reviewed for accuracy by a licensed insurance Agent.


Show Management Services

Under your current process, your organization uses its resources and expenses to handle exhibitor insurance. While they try to do an outstanding job, they are not trained insurance professionals. The exhibitor insurance process can easily be out sourced to Show Insurance at no cost to your organization. Can your employees use an extra 20 hours to put on a better event?

Show Insurance
Your Vendor
Who collects the certificates? Show Insurance Your Organization How many hours do your employees spend collecting certificates?
Who scans and stores the Certificates? Show Insurance Your organization may or may not do this Why collect the certificates of insurance, if you can not reproduce them at the time of a law suit?
Who reviews the certificates Show Insurance Are they reviewed or just filed? It is best to have an insurance professional review the certificates.
Who calls exhibitors that miss the certificate deadline? SI, with your permission. ? How many hours does your organization spend calling exhibitors about insurance?
Who helps with exhibitor contracts? Show Insurance ?  
Who handles claims? Show Insurance ? Show Insurance will handle any exhibitor claims


Cost Comparison

The cost for our exhibitor insurance typically starts at $80. This is well below the $115 charged by your current provider.

Exhibitor Services

Show Insurance
Your Vendor
Can register and pay online in 3 minutes? Yes No This makes it easier for exhibitors to comply with the insurance requirement.
Can pay by fax in 2 minutes? Yes No  
Has a web site dedicated to only exhibitor insurance? Yes No No matter how many events an exhibitor goes to in one year, they only have to learn Show Insurance process once.
Has a proven process to contact all exhibitors? Yes No Your current provider does not help you collect certificates
Premiums are refundable Yes


Exhibitors get confirmation that the insurance requirement is complete? Yes for all exhibitors Maybe Exhibitors like a confirmation that the insurance has been completed
Exhibitors can get insurance on the week-end? Yes No They can get insurance 24 hours a day
Exhibitor can get insurance during the move in process? Yes Maybe  



Show Insurance specializes and only handles exhibitor insurance. Show Insurance provides better protection for your organization. We reduce your organizations workload while improving the accuracy and handling of your insurance verification process. Exhibitors are happy that we have made a simple process to complete their insurance requirement for the lowest cost in the industry. Show Insurance is the new standard in exhibitor insurance. Let us show you a better way!